These Are the Top 10 TED Talks That Will Enhance Your Social Life

These Are the Top 10 TED Talks That Will Enhance Your Social Life


When it comes to acquiring knowledge, there is only one place on the Internet every successful person would suggest without hesitation – TED talks. TED talks epitomize the idea of knowledge. Their motto – ideas worth spreading – signifies the purpose of this movement and justifies its amazing ability to effectively spread high-quality ideas in internet’s chaotic environment.


Despite the amazing value TED talks have to offer, there is a small problem with them. There are more than 1600 TED talks out there and you could spend hours trying to identify the ones that are more beneficial to you and your reality.


For that reason, I decided to draft this article. I thought that instead of spending hours listening to people talk about irrelevant topics, I could gather the 10 most social-skills-related TED talks and present them to you. And I did that by answering one very important question. “What is it really that you want to get out of a TED talk?” The answer to this question consists of three important factors. A TED talk needs to:


  • inspire
  • motivate
  • guide – show you the way

So, based on these three factors, I have selected the 10 most influential TED talks every inspiring social chameleon needs to watch and use them as a reference point for his reality.


Top 10 TED Talks


Smash Fear, learn anything – Tim Ferriss

New York Times bestselling author, human guinea pig, chef, bodybuilder, dancer, blah, blah, blah. Most of you have probably heard about Tim Ferriss and his achievements. The reason, however, I admire him the most is because of his unbelievable mindset. His undaunted desire to prove that any skill is attainable and that there is always a way to speed up the learning process in anything you do. We share the same mindset, so he has rightfully earned his place in the top 10 of this list.


Your body language shapes who you are – Amy Cuddy

Well, there is not much to say about the importance of body language in our everyday lives. I consider it as one of the 3 elements that define great seducers and I’ve talked extensively about it in one of my most popular articles. Amy Cuddy is a social psychologist and in this amazing TED talk, she proves my point and also goes a bit deeper, by analyzing how power posing can affect testosterone levels and have a huge impact on your chances for success.


Success is a continuous journey – Richard St. John

I love this talk because it starts with an amazing statement: “Why do so many people reach success and then fail?” Success is not a one-way street. Success is a continuous process or journey as Richard St. John likes to call it. In everything you do in life, whether this is called creating a powerful personality or a trying to build a business, you need to have two important things established in your head in order to be successful. Success doesn’t come overnight (unless you are the flappy bird creator), but even if it does, success doesn’t last if you don’t keep working on yourself and constantly trying to maintain it.


The puzzle of motivation – Dan Pink

Dan Pink is a best-selling author and career analyst who has dedicated his life to discovering how to motivate people. Motivation is probably the most important force along with curiosity and desire that drives our actions. But the mystery of how it really works and how to motivate ourselves and others effectively, still remains unsolved for many people. This TED talk tries to shed some light on this mystery and it is a great starting point for helping you understand motivation and how it works.


Why we do what we do –  Tony Robbins

There is not much to say about Tony Robbins and his incredible ability to captivate any audience. His body language, his tonality, his language, but most importantly his amazing skill to give answers to life-defining questions, is what urged me to add this video to the top 10 list. Answering the question of “Why we do what we do,” understanding the reasoning behind our actions and finding our path in life, is probably the first step towards a quintessential reality. Tony Robbins shows the way.


How great leaders inspire action – Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek is a best-selling author and famous marketer. The importance of this specific talk and the reason it is part of our top 10 is that it goes beyond conventional leadership advice. It approaches the way great leaders inspire action by focusing on the “why” behind what we propose. “Why” is your purpose, your goals, your beliefs. In one word, your identity.


The way of improvisation – Dave Morris

Dave Morris is an improviser and storyteller. In this short but extremely valuable TEDx talk, he tries to immerse us in the power of improvisation and its importance in our everyday lives. I cannot stress enough how amazing this talk is. Its importance lies in the two powerful ideas it tries to communicate:


  • How improvisation can help you talk without running out of things to say.
  • The importance of YES and how to get people to agree with what you are saying.

Turning fear into fuel – Jonathan Fields

Jonathan Fields is an entrepreneur, blogger, marketer, and speaker and in this amazing TEDx talk he empowers my argument about how we need to move beyond resilience and embrace antifragility in our lives. Fear will always be there to prevent us from reaching our potential, but if we manage to turn fear into fuel, we will eventually defy our fragile human nature and move towards a more successful and purposeful reality.


The power of seduction in our everyday lives – Chen Lizra

Well, it wouldn’t have been wise from my side not to include Chen Lizra‘s talk in this list. I love it when people share the same thinking and ideas and present them in such a subtle and inspiring way. I also love the fact that this was quite a controversial topic among TED viewers but I also realize that no great idea started without challenging and provoking a conventional way of thinking.


The skill of self-confidence – Dr. Ivan Joseph

Dr. Ivan Joseph is the athletic director and head coach of the Varsity Soccer team at Ryerson University. As a coach, he was constantly trying to identify what is the most important skill a player must possess in order to be successful. And it all came down to one word – self-confidence. Building and cultivating self-confidence as a personal trait is what helps you become a powerful individual. It is one of the most fundamental principles of our reality here at The Quintessential Man and what we constantly project through our writings and ideas.


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