30 Challenges | 30 Days | Zero Excuses


Are you ready for the 30 most challenging days of your life?


The goal of this project is simple:


– Destroy your bad habits.
– Reinvent yourself.
– Assume absolute control over your life.


I created this project initially for myself because I was tired of wasting time and energy on a daily life that was abstractly defined. I wanted to find a way to master my productivity, organize my schedule, and achieve a healthy work and life balance.


These challenges didn’t come to me organically. They were all inspired after careful consideration of habits and practices evangelized by extremely successful people. People like Warren Buffet, Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins, Jordan Peterson and Sam Harris to name but a few.


The challenges are divided into three main categories: Mental, Physical, and Social. They are all picked strategically to have an immediate impact in the way you experience your day-to-day life.


I can assure you that after these 30 days, you won’t be able to recognize yourself and the progress you have made as an individual.


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Speak Like a Leader


If you want to become a great speaker you need to believe in secrets.


The great secret of our time is that you can actually reach a very competent level at any skill just by breaking it down into its main components and mustering the willpower to develop each component diligently.


In this book, I focus on fundamental principles that define our speaking ability and present the most impactful but extremely attainable ways to dramatically improve this important but quite neglected skill.


Learning to speak well is a skill that anyone can master, and is the most powerful way to communicate your message, discover your inner leader and make an impact in today’s loud world.


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