An Open Letter to American Voters

Dear American voter,


I know that you are confused. I know that you are frustrated. I know that you are angry. I know that your reality has been distorted due to the constant shitstorm you have been subject to all these months (oftentimes against your will). I can feel you.


Take a deep breath. It’s almost over.
An Open Letter to American Voters

You know, it had to be done. Supposedly, it is a very important part of the democratic process. It started in Greece almost 2500 years ago. Back then, they didn’t have TV and the Internet. They just had the agora where individuals could express their opinions in front of their fellow Greeks. In this public audition, it was only the words, rhetoric and deeds of citizens that were judged by their peers. It was then that the main forms of influence and persuasion started to be nourished.


The better your rhetoric and narrative, the more favorable your judgment. Political life was all about how they appeared to others.


That’s actually funny if you think about it. The ancient Greeks, the ones who introduced the idea of reason and logic are also the ones who came up with the idea of persuasion and manipulation. Ironic but very interesting, to say the least.


In their defense, you can’t really blame them, can you? The whole concept of Democracy is based on reason and logic and therefore it is considered the best regime. People get to vote for their representatives and the majority wins. Fair, square and reasonable.


But once you initiate the electoral process, things start to become a bit more complicated. There is no distinct set of rules that can help us choose the most reasonable candidate. We don’t have a grading system in place that can evaluate each candidate according to the amount of logic and reason their arguments possess.


Each candidate needs to use specific strategies that can help them appear more electable. When those strategies collide, then reason and logic are replaced by emotion. For, human nature is automatically associating collision with emotive reactions.


Therefore, a smart candidate needs to transition from the sphere of logic to the sphere of emotion. And an even smarter one needs to play with our emotions and evoke the most powerful ones. Here is a graph that showcases the probability increase of content going viral depending on different emotions:

An Open Letter to American Voters
Source: Social transmission, emotion, and virality of the content


As you can see, anger is in the first place and awe is in the second one. Does this tell you something?


Every single speech you will hear from a candidate will revolve around those two emotions. It will make you feel angry and then it will try to inspire awe. Back and forth. Again and again.


It’s not rocket science. It is basic persuasion tactics. Take a look at the table again. What is the worst emotional trigger? Sadness. Have you ever seen a candidate try to make you feel sad and succeed? No, never.


The most powerful candidates stray from sad questions and reframe them in a way that can elicit a more favorable emotion. If a candidate isn’t smart enough and falls into the trap of confirming the latent sadness of the question, he lost.


And this is the game you have been playing for the last year or so. During an election cycle, politicians try to play the same game. This time it wasn’t much different. The only difference was that one of the candidates decided to play the game more intensely. And it worked.


It didn’t really work because of the reasons they want you to believe. America has always had issues. There was always something happening in the Middle East or other parts of the world. There was always an immigration issue. There was always racial and gender problems. There was always a problem with unemployment. Those aren’t new. I know it. You know it. They know it.


What is new is the intensity by which those issues are being portrayed. When they say that Russia is planning a third world war, you become really afraid. When they say that there is a dangerous cult of global elites that controls the world, you become angry. When they say that blacks and whites, women and men, gays and straight, aren’t treated equally, you become reserved. And in an extremely irresponsible way, they play with your fears just to win the game of democracy.


You have been fooled and you know it. On the 8th of November, you are given a choice, but what you are actually given is the illusion of choice.


If you are a Clinton supporter, you are probably with her and not with him because you don’t like his demeanor. He is arrogant, he is a megalomaniac, he is demagogic, and he likes to grab women by the p***y. You might also think that he is a right-wing populist, that he resembles traits of a dictator and that he is dangerous.


Do you really believe all that?


The guy is the greatest showman on earth. He will play with people’s needs and fears in an extraordinary way. He might be narcissistic and a bit authoritative, but come on, we all are to some extent. We just don’t like to show it. He doesn’t have a problem showing it. The guy isn’t the devil. Donald Trump is just a great businessman, showman, and dealmaker. Read the “Art of the deal” and you will understand who he really is.


Don’t be fooled by the pretentious argumentation used during the electoral process. If he gets elected, nothing will change. I guarantee you that. He will try to make the best deals possible and keep everyone happy. Yes, maybe some will try to oppose him but they will eventually be ignored. He will make deals within America and outside of America. The same kind of deals that America always makes. Because whether you like it or not, the president is just a title. He is not solely responsible for American policies and strategies. The whole system of bureaucrats, lobbyists, and politicians is. He is just there to execute them. Like every single president did in the past.


If you are a Trump supporter, you are probably with him because she is corrupt and you want to make America great again. Really? I find it so pretentious when people get shocked when they read Hillary’s emails. Man, you weren’t born yesterday. You are not a kid and I hope that you don’t believe in Santa Claus. Politicians were, are and will always be corrupt. All of them. The whole political system is founded upon the concepts of clientelism, patronage, and favor exchange. It is how it is. You would do the same, admit it. If a rich guy comes to you and offers money in exchange for a favor, you would do it. If you had to promise certain benefits for certain groups in exchange for their vote, you would do it. Everybody does it in the end. The ones who don’t are usually ostracized, replaced or dead. So, please don’t behave like you don’t know what’s going on. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.


Also, don’t tell me that you believe in conspiracy theories about global elites that rule the world. Globalism is inevitable. You know why it is inevitable? Because it is the only way we can sustain economic growth. You can’t expect growth to happen without open borders, without free trade, and without a worldwide connection. Yes, it isn’t the best system, but being able to discuss its flaws and suggest improvements, makes it automatically better than nationalism. Global elites aren’t ruling the world. They are just a byproduct of human nature. People who acquire money and power will do whatever it takes to keep them. People who profit from globalism and create businesses because of globalism find globalism important. You are probably part of a global company. You should be grateful that a global company offered you a job and chose you among other global candidates. If you don’t like your job, the global economy offers you chances to start a new life anywhere around the world.


And finally, stop being terrorized by the idea of war with Russia or China. Do you really believe that Russia and China want to start a war with America? Why? Because America is a bully? Because they want to dominate the world? Give me a break. Everyone knows that if we start a WWIII it will be the end of human race. Tensions will always exist for only one reason: To sustain the otherwise useless but incredibly profitable military industry.


Donald Trump is not your savior and he is definitely not a revolutionary. Hillary Clinton is not the devil and she will definitely not destroy America.


On the 8th of November, one of the two will get elected and we will go back to our normal lives.


However, you should be grateful for this election. You should be grateful because it helped us realize three important things:


  1. That persuasion is about emotion and how the wrong use of emotion can detrimentally impact our lives and perception of reality.
  2. That you don’t really need mainstream media. You have people you can discuss with. You have many sources to draw information from. You can even start your own media outlet and present interesting views.
  3. We can start to openly discuss alternatives to the current system.

And that’s a great thing. It means that we evolve. We embrace complexity. We understand ourselves and the world better. We become more pragmatic. We start to ponder deep issues.


The only thing we miss is to learn how to chill, respect each other and ignore neurotic propagandists.


Take care and God bless America.


p.s. If you decide to vote for a third party candidate, go for it. As one of my favorite thinkers, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, recently stated, a vote resembles an ethical choice and out of ethics, I am going to vote someone outside the two major candidates.


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