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Hi, I am Andrian (not Adrian, although it is pronounced like Adrian). I am a thinker, a blogger, an entrepreneur and a self-growth enthusiast. I started this blog back in 2014 in an attempt to discover ways to optimize every aspect of my life. I named it “The Quintessential Mind” because it sounds both ironic and grandiose. Just like our life. The quintessential mind doesn’t really exist. It is the ideal version of a mental state we all want to reach. Its pursuit is arduous but lucrative. We might never reach this quintessential state of being, but we pursue it anyways. We pursue it because there is nothing more worth pursuing than this. It is a pursuit that keeps us moving. Keeps us evolving. Keeps us growing. Keeps us alive. Enjoy the ride.


Why did you add a crown to your logo? Isn’t it a bit overused? Yes, it is overused but this specific crown resembles more than you think. If you find the meaning behind the crown, email it to me and if it is right I will send you a present.

What do you usually write about? Anything that interests me and revolves around the practical philosophy and self-development sphere. I sometimes write about politics and cultural issues too. I do both rants and in-depth articles.

This is a big site, where should I start? Start from my latest article and work your way backwards. All posts are connected somehow in an attempt to create a unified philosophy around life. Think of them as pieces of a puzzle that endeavor to come together and help you refine your mindset, increase your self-awareness and help you make sense of the world around you.

Is there anything else that I should know? “Knowledge brings awareness. Awareness breeds potential” is the axiom that resonates the most with my worldview, so my advice is to keep reading this blog. Also, I would suggest joining my inner circle to stay in the know. It consists of more than 10,000 members who receive new articles when they come out, as well as products and other great material I release from time to time:


Also, over the last years, the blog has reached almost 2.5 million page views. What I write usually strikes a chord and the numbers never lie.