List of Maxims | 30 Years of Experience – 30 Maxims to Live By

List of Maxims | 30 Years of Experience – 30 Maxims to Live By


Today is my birthday.


Not just any birthday.


Today I reach a very special number in my age sequence.


Today I turn 30 years old.


Some people get sad when they turn 30.


They think that they get old.


I don’t understand those people.


I am a firm believer that you should enjoy every birthday to the fullest.


You should have a great celebration for your birthday in order to remind yourself how awesome your life is and how grateful you are for everything you have achieved.


Also, every year on your birthday you should look back and see what you have learned.


Create a list of maxims that highlight the main facets of your personal paradigm.


Use this list of maxims as a reference point for your reality and as a roadmap for your growth.


List of Maxims



If you want to build a great body, you need to eat healthy, work out at least three times a week, have a solid workout plan and consume at least 2000 calories per day (1500 for the ladies). There are no shortcuts to this, sorry. In a nutshell, focus on this:


People didn’t know the power of flow in sparking creativity 10-20 years ago. You do, thus you don’t have an excuse for not being creative.



A great conversation with a high value and similar-minded individual is better than therapy. A therapist just listens and asks questions. A high-value, similar-minded individual, listens, receives value, offers value, and makes you feel validated and complete.



Depression is a reaction of your body to a state that is not natural to your paradigm. A human has an innate urge to hunt, discover, explore. If you are inactive, you will inevitably become depressed.



Total immersion is the only way to master a craft. If you are not ready to invest the required time, discipline, resilience, study, practice, and experimentation to master a craft, then please do yourself a favor and don’t start.



Narcissism is not a bad thing unless you become a douche. People have a propensity for confusing healthy narcissism with being a show-off and a douche. Let me clarify things: A healthy narcissist is someone who has a great sense of self-worth, doesn’t allow anyone to question his self-worth and doesn’t require extreme amounts of external validation to realize this self-worth.



Don’t get distracted by lavish lifestyles you see on Instagram or Snapchat and start making comparisons. If you manage to suppress your ego telling you to create comparisons and manage to see your life as an observer, you will realize that you can be constantly grateful for the life you have built for yourself.



Focus on processes rather than goals. Goals create emotional highs and lows that create instability. Balance is key in life and only processes can offer you that balance.



Rejection trumps regret. Every single time. You have a desire to do something because there is energy 1 suppressed inside your body that needs to be released. If you don’t do what you want to do, 2 this energy won’t be released and you will suffer in return. On the other hand, if you do it and get rejected, at least you released the energy and you can start over.



Failure and rejection are an illusion. Fear of rejection and failure are a human construct. Every successful person will tell you that failure and rejection are essential parts of their journey because both enhance knowledge. 3



You don’t need sleep to rest your body. You need sleep to rest your mind. Your body rests when you don’t move. Your mind, on the other hand, is a computer processing information all day long. This information fills up your short memory storage, which needs to be cleared in order to start functioning properly. You clear it by sleeping. Remember the computer analogy whenever you feel grumpy and incompetent at the end of the day.



Meditation is not what you think it is. You don’t meditate because it is a new age thing. You meditate because it is the only way to improve your ability to focus. When you can’t focus, you can’t control your thoughts and you inevitably get consumed by fears and worries.



Relying on others = neediness. Self-reliance = confidence. You were raised by others and that’s fine and you should be grateful for that. The thing is that your upbringing created a form of dependency that you struggle to overcome. The first step to overcoming it is to realize that it exists and that it fuels your needy habits. The second step is to realize that you only need yourself to lean on in life and once you realize that, you will be rewarded with a level of confidence that will make you unstoppable and also extremely attractive.



Withholding information is the worst form of dishonesty. You did that when you were a kid to avoid trouble and punishment. You keep doing it as an adult because you are afraid of “consequences.” You do it in your relationship, you do it with your friends and you do it in your job. Stop doing it. People will eventually respect honesty because they subconsciously feel validated when you include them in your world. 4



A politician is a professional liar and persuader and not your representative. 5 You voted for him because he persuaded you that he is the best available option out there. Pay attention to what I just said. The best available option, not the ideal option. 6 We all know that our system is broken. We all know that the government doesn’t really care about us. We all know that democracy is not the ideal regime. Yet, we still involve ourselves in this theatrical play.



Competition is for losers. Winners always create their own standards in life. My competition isn’t other bloggers. My competition is the next level of skills I need to acquire in order to become great at what I chose to do. Repeat the last sentence next time you compare yourself to others.



We come from a dark abyss and we end up in a dark abyss. We call the luminous interval life. 7 Life, however, is so abstract and absurd and rarely makes sense. When you realize that and acknowledge the fact that life is kind of insignificant, you will erode every single sense of fear that is left inside you and you will eventually be free.



You will never become a multimillionaire as an employee. All the millionaires out there either built companies or invested in companies. That’s how you create wealth and there is no shortcut to that either.



If you want to create great products, you need to stop thinking like a producer and start thinking like a consumer. Look at the products that you like and realize why you like them. Try to emulate their features in order to make products people really want.



A task list is the only thing you need to master productivity. Your mind needs structure to work properly. Tasks bring structure to your work. When you complete a task, your mind declutters and you enjoy life more.



A great team is everything. You can’t build a great company without a great team and in order to build a great team, you need to understand what a great team wants. Things that will do the work are: A good salary. Make them feel included. Make them feel that they are part of something important. Give them more responsibilities. Set boundaries.



Sales is about showing the other person that you care. Material goods are nothing more than a substitute for an emotional need. This need is usually the need for empathy and interest. People will give you their money as a token of appreciation for satisfying this need.



We are visual creatures. That said, video was, is and will be king forever. If you want to create a large following, do video. The problem is that good video, requires a good transcript. Which means that you need to become a good writer first. 8



If you don’t understand yourself well, do a personality test. Those tests are usually pretty accurate and they will highlight your strengths and weaknesses in order to give you an idea of what you should focus on. If you don’t like your personality, though, find a personality that you like and try to work on cultivating the skills this personality espouses.



You don’t need to memorize routines and strategies to enhance your social skills. You are already good at the social arena, you just don’t know it. The only thing you need to learn is how to build social momentum.



If your girlfriend isn’t your biggest fan then you are in the wrong relationship. For the ladies: If you don’t admire your boyfriend, a lot, you are in the wrong relationship.



Romanticism is nice, but relationships are mainly a mating strategy. People will talk about love and emotions and everything. These are important, but biology is still the most powerful driving force behind our actions. Women will always look for a provider and men will always look for the most physically attractive woman to carry their offspring. There is nothing wrong with that. Survive and replicate has always been our purpose. The thing, however, is that today men have been more romantic than ever and this becomes a weakness for many. Romanticism is nice, but it requires a lot of intellectual capacity from both sides in order to flourish. Make sure to be romantic with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose, and in the right way.



Be a bit louder. Try it. When you are quiet people don’t respect you for two reasons. First, we are still primates and in primate species, the loudest member of the group is the most respected. Second, when you are quiet, you are perceived as boring and people desire excitement in their lives.



Networking is about offering value. You know that guy who has many contacts and he won’t introduce you to them? Don’ be that guy. People want to feel included. Successful networking boils down to making sure everyone feels included. Be the guy who brings people together.



Work-life balance is key. If you don’t partake in social activities outside your workplace at least two days a week, your professional life will suffer in return. Life is about balance. Everything around you is balance.


Closing Remarks



If you enjoyed these maxims, you will definitely enjoy my 30-day challenge which will help you internalize the majority of the ideas I just discussed.


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I am off to celebrate. Have a good one.


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